52. #EndSARS Movement Reflections with Pod Save Africa Hosts Akinyade and Oyin Aderele

For today’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with sibling duo Akinyade Adelere and Oyin Aderele—hosts of Pod Save Africa. Pod Save Africa is a community platform sharing African perspectives on African narratives. The podcast explores the interesting details of our history, our present and our hopes for the future through weekly podcast episodes. 

During our conversation, Akinyade and Oyin share: 

  • How conversations and debates in his apartment with friends led Akinyade to launch Pod Save Africa
  • Their initial reactions to the #EndSARS protests and why this latest round of protests was more effective 
  • What—if anything—the #EndSARS protests learned from the Black Lives Matter movement 
  • What role the Diaspora (and celebrities) plays during times like these
  • How they stay hopeful and encouraged while covering heavy topics

Resources mentioned: 

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