49. How I’m Building a Marketplace to Improve Access to Healthcare in Africa – Sam Baddoo, Founder of Fleri

For today’s episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sam Baddoo, Founder of Fleri—a health insurance marketplace that helps immigrants protect the people they love, everywhere.

Every year, immigrants across the globe send billions of dollars to their loved ones in lower-income and middle-income countries. In 2018, the World Bank reported that remittances to sub-Saharan Africa grew by almost 10% to $46 billion. For decades, immigrants have sent money to relatives in their home countries using services like Western Union and Money Gram. What’s unique about Fleri is that it unbundles remittances by providing immigrants a direct way to provide quality healthcare to their loved ones back home. 

During the episode, Sam and I discuss:

  • His upbringing in Ghana and experience studying in Morocco 
  • The African immigrant experience and how he found his footing after emigrating from Ghana
  • How remittance payments transform African economies—and impact the financial security of Africans living abroad
  • How Fleri will work to reduce the burden of out of pocket healthcare costs 
  • Africa’s healthcare landscape and which countries are getting it right 
  • What healthcare in Africa could look like in the next 10 years

“We have the power. We just have to figure out how to use it.” – Sam Baddoo

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