44. Five Growth Trends Shaping Africa’s Future (REWIND)

For today’s episode, I reshare an episode that provides a comprehensive overview of 5 key growth trends shaping Africa’s growth and development. These trends are outlined in the book  Africa’s Business Revolution: How to Succeed in the World’s Next Big Growth Market by authors Acha Leke, Mutsa Chironga and Georges Desvaux. 

Tune in for a refresher on these trends and how they will impact business in Africa for decades to come:

  1. Young, fast growing urban population with a lot of unmet demands.
  2. Africa’s coming industrial revolution.
  3. Africa’s Infrastructure Gap and the big push to close it
  4. Africa’s Untapped Resource wealth and new innovations to unleash it.
  5. The rapid adoption of digital and mobile – and the leapfrog opportunity.


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