37. Amaka Uchegbu on The Future of Work in Black America, Working at McKinsey and Company and Embracing Her British-Nigerian Identity

Amaka Uchegbu was born in Enugu, Nigeria and grew up in Sheffield, England. After earning her bachelor’s degree at Yale, she landed her first full-time role at McKinsey & Company as a Business Analyst. While at McKinsey, Amaka co-wrote a compelling report on the “Future of Work in Black America.”

Research shows that automation trends may be widening the racial wealth gap and disproportionately displacing occupations where African Americans are overrepresented. The report reveals possible interventions that may help African American workers prepare for the future.

During the episode, Amaka shares:

  • Her upbringing in Sheffield, England 
  • Her experience in studying and working in the US and embracing her British-Nigerian identity
  • How she landed her management consulting gig at McKinsey and Company
  • Insights on how automation will impact Black America from the McKinsey article she co-authored 
  • The types of jobs most likely to be displaced by automation 
  • What’s next for her and her new role at a financial inclusion startup

“What excites me about Africa’s future is where we may exist in terms of popular culture more globally. I love that there’s Afrobeats. I love that I can see my culture popping and being cool and existing in the world and not being presented in a lens of perpetual poverty or terror.” Amaka Uchegbu

Read the report: https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/future-of-work/the-future-of-work-in-black-america

Connect with Amaka: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amakauchegbu/

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