32. Sesi Technologies Founder Isaac Sesi on Building Grain Mate, Supporting African Entrepreneurs and Teaching Young People to Code on Their Smart Phones

Thanks for tuning in to episode 32, Dear Diaspora fam! For today’s episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Isaac Sesi, founder of Sesi Technologies. 

Isaac Sesi is a Ghanaian entrepreneur, engineer, and the founder of Sesi Technologies, a Ghanaian company that solves agricultural and food challenges. He is known for his development of GrainMate, a moisture meter that allows famers and grain purchasers to affordably measure moisture levels of maize, rice, and other staples to help reduce post-harvest losses. 

He’s also a founder of Nsesa Foundation, an organization inspiring young Africans to be innovative and equip them with skills to make impact wherever they go using Science and Technology. 

During the episode, Isaac shares:

  • His experience growing up in Ghana and his early interest in solving problems through technology
  • Building Grain Mate and making it more accessible via innovative payment methods
  • Working with Ghanaian subcontractors to make the components for Grain Mate
  • How he funded his company by winning various pitch competitions 
  • How he’s teaching young people how to code on their mobile phones via The Nsesa Foundation
  • Practical ways to support African entrepreneurs 

Tune in to hear more!

“We’re going to see amazing things coming from young people on this continent—and I don’t want to be left out. That’s why I’ve taken a step in helping shape Africa’s future.” – Isaac Sesi

Sesi Technologies:https://sesitechnologies.com/about-us/

Get in touch with Isaac: isaac@sesitechnologies.com

Nsesa Foundation:https://nsesafoundation.org

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