25. BlackTravelBox Founder Orion Brown on Building a Brand for Black Women Travelers and the Lessons She’s Learned Traveling the World

Thanks for tuning in to episode 25 of Dear Diaspora! For today’s episode, I had a lovely conversation with Orion Brown, founder of BlackTravelBox!

BlackTravelBox offers Black women on the move a selection of products specially crafted to meet the needs of textured hair and melanated skin. 

Orion started BlackTravelBox to give women of color a brand they could trust for their travel personal care needs.BlackTravelBox features TSA-friendly products help Black and Afro-Latinx travelers look and feel their best on the road. 

Prior to The Black Travel Box, she briefly lead brand strategy at Oracle and brand marketing efforts at Hasbro and spent the bulk of her brand career at Kraft Foods where she led key advertising, pricing, portfolio, commercialization, and operations initiatives across six global brands. 

She also built a non-profit consultancy where she helps clients strategize and scale their organizations. 

During the episode, Orion shares:

  • Her experiences traveling and struggling to find travel-friendly hair and skin products
  • The early days of BlackTravelBox and how she kept pushing despite investors viewing her business as “niche”
  • Her thoughts on building a business, creating value and creating generational wealth
  • How travel has given her a greater sense of gratitude and connectedness
  • What being a part of the African Diaspora means to her

“Travel is a very effective form of self-care. No matter where we are in the world—or where we’re from—we are a people that need self-care.”–Orion Brown

Tune in to hear more!

Black Travel Box*: https://theblacktravelbox.com/discount/DIASPORAFAM

*Free shipping for new customers on entire order for US and Canada

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Orion Brown, BlackTravelBox Founder

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