22. Africa’s Business Revolution: How to Succeed in the World’s Next Big Growth Market – Book Review

Happy Sunday, Dear Diaspora fam!

Thanks for tuning in to episode 22—doing something a little different this episode and reviewing a phenomenal book: Africa’s Business Revolution: How to Succeed in the World’s Next Big Growth Market. So happy I finally got my hands on this over the holidays. As soon as I started reading it, I immediately knew that this book would be worth sharing with you all. If you have an interest in doing business in Africa—this book was created for you.

Africa’s Business Revolution is co-authored by Acha Leke, Mutsa Chironga and Georges Desvaux. Acha Leke is chairman of McKinsey & Company’s Africa practice and leads the firm’s expansion across Africa. If you don’t know about McKinsey and Company, they are the world’s largest consulting firms in the world. They consult organizations across the private, public and social sectors in 65 countries.  

Mutsa Chironga is an executive at Nedbank, one of South Africa’s largest banking groups. He was previously a partner at McKinsey and Company, where he served banks in a dozen African countries, mostly capturing growth opportunities.

Georges Desvau is a senior partner at McKinsey and Company and a former managing partner of its African and Japanese offices. He helped build the firm’s consumer insights and analytics capabilities.

The goal of this book is to essentially provide an overview of what it takes to succeed in Africa; it was written really for global business executives looking to expand their operations in Africa and for those that are seeking a roadmap to access the continent. During the episode, I share more about the 5 big growth trends underway across the continent:

  1. Young, fast growing urban population with a lot of unmet demands.
  2. Africa’s coming industrial revolution.
  3. Africa’s Infrastructure Gap and the big push to close it
  4. Africa’s Untapped Resource wealth and new innovations to unleash it.
  5. The rapid adoption of digital and mobile – and the leapfrog opportunity.

Tune in for a breakdown of each of these trends and how they are shaping Africa’s business growth and development.

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