18. Dayo Akinrinade on Building Africlick, a Dating and Networking App for African and Caribbean Professionals and Creatives

In this episode of Dear Diaspora, I had a wonderful conversation with Dayo Akinrade, founder of Africlick!

Dayo spent a few years working for consulting firms that required extensive travel, sometimes having to spend up to 6 months in a hotel at a time. As she navigated balancing work, travel and trying to meet new people, something dawned on her. Dating and meeting new people was hard, especially when looking to connect with people from similar cultural backgrounds.

After continuously swiping left hoping to find the right match on other apps, and periodically experiencing microaggressions on dates, she was convinced that there had to be a better experience for Black people. Why couldn’t there be an app that enabled you to connect through your culture, where you trace your roots back to, or which style of jollof you prefer?

In comes Africlick!

Africlick is a new dating and networking app for ambitious professionals & creatives of African & Caribbean heritage. Whether you are based in London, Lagos, Harare or Houston, our mission is to empower you to connect to your culture.

During the episode, Dayo shares:

  • What differentiates Africlick from existing dating/networking apps
  • The date that convinced her there had to be a better way to meet new people
  • What going to school in Nigeria taught her
  • Her experiences fundraising as a Black woman founder

Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts!

“Be resolute in what you want to do. Don’t allow external people to project their doubts or fears. Otherwise, you’ll never get started.” – Dayo Akinrinade

You can pre-register for the app at africlick.com.For daily dating and networking advice, follow Africlick on twitter and instagram.

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