9. Journalist and Founder of TanTV Studios Adedayo Fashanu on Storytelling and Spotlighting Global Youth Change-Makers

In this episode of Dear Diaspora, I had a great conversation with International Journalist and Founder of TanTV Studios Adedayo Fashanu. As a regular contributor to Huffington Post and Forbes, Adedayo is passionate about using storytelling to amplify the work of young change-makers across the globe. 

During the episode, we dive into how working as a mental health professional inspired her successful career in journalism. 

Adedayo covered the Obama White House on its global development arena, interviewing personalities like the Chief of Staff Tina Tchen and U.S Chief Tech Officer Megan Smith.  

Her studio, TanTV, is a luxury digital media brand bringing together the leading voices, thought-leaders and change-makers of our generation to further educate us on global issues that matter, inform us on solutions and inspire us to stay motivated, live meaningful and even happy lives. 

“Finding change-makers is not difficult. There are everyday people doing amazing work but their stories never get told. We only hear about people who’ve made millions, but everyday, there are people who make a difference in other people’s lives. We want to be the platform to share their stories.” – Adedayo Fashanu

Tune in to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey!

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Adedayo’s Instagram: @adedayo_fashanu

TanTV Studios on Instagram: @tantvstudios

Email: dedayofashanu@gmail.com|


Global Development Youth Leaders Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/495062954018292/

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