6. MIZIZI President and Chief Paakow Essandoh on Creating a Global Movement, Collaborating with Marvel and Disney, and Staying Rooted

In this episode, Ndu is joined by Paakow Essandoh, President and Chief or MIZIZI, an athleisure and lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit and strength of its African ancestors. MIZIZI was founded in 2015 and is inspired by various cultures revolving around African roots. They have exclusive collections that are consistently designed with connection and representation in mind. 

Mizizi has created an international movement that’s encouraging members of the Diaspora to stay connected, to stay represented, and to #StayRooted. You can find them on Instagram @mizizishopand online at mizizishop.com

During the episode, we delve into Paakow’s experience growing up in the US, securing MIZIZI’s collaborations with Marvel and Disney, and what staying rooted means to him. 

“The acquisition of knowledge is the catalyst to progress. The game is out there—it’s about being intentional and taking the responsibility of wanting to learn about it, and applying that knowledge after the fact” – Paakow Essandoh 

Tune in for more of our amazing conversation!

Forbes Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/josephdeacetis/2019/01/18/meet-mizizi-how-one-twenty-four-year-old-ghanaian-american-is-inspiring-africans-to-stay-rooted/#933a57322a09

MIZIZI Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/mizizishop/?hl=ur

MIZIZI Website: https://www.mizizishop.com

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