5. Away to Africa Founder Tiffanie Anderson on Starting Her Company, Managing a Global Team, and How Her Accent Has Been One of Her Biggest Challenges When Doing Business in Africa

In this episode of Dear Diaspora, Ndu is joined by Away to Africa founder Tiffanie Anderson to discuss her journey from attorney to entrepreneur. 

While studying abroad in South Africa in 2006, Tiffanie fell in love with the continent. After coming back to the US and working as an attorney for a few years, she launched Away to Africa, a destination management company dedicated to providing guided, cultural tours throughout select countries in Africa. 

During the conversation, we delve into how she builds and manages a global team, which of Away’s tours are the most popular, and why her accent has actually been one of the biggest challenges while doing business in Africa. 

“When you travel, you should humble yourself and leave the mindset of where you’re traveling from at that airport. Get on that plane with an open mind and an open heart.” – Tiffanie Anderson 

To learn more about Away to Africa’s tours, please visit: https://www.awaytoafrica.com

Listen in to hear more of our amazing conversation!

Resources referenced in this episode:

Away to Africa Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/awaytoafrica/

Away to Africa email: info@awaytoafrica.com

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